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Thrive NOLA Spa Services

Treatments that transform your mood

Your journey to balance and mastering self care doesn’t stop when your experience ends. At Thrive NOLA Spa, we tailor your Thrive experience to a T. It is important that you receive an experience that is significant to you so that you can continue to Thrive near or away. A custom Thrive experience is where your journey begins to assist you in continuing to master self care and Thrive.


How your body interacts with itself influences how you interact with the world. These treatments encourage connection of mind and body, and deeper experiences with loved ones.


Experience healing at a deeper level. Leave feeling rebuilt and ready to take on anything, even if it takes a little pressure.


Calming self care services are a sure way to reenter yourself from the stress of work and a busy schedule.


Looking Good and feeling good goes a long way in your Self-Care. These services help you feel like you, the real you.


Services designed to revive your energy level naturally and effectively.


Reenter your body and being with self care focused on balancing mental clarity and physical, control.

Give the experiences you've been given.

About Thrive NOLA Spa

We are not merely meant to exist but to THRIVE. Just minutes from downtown New Orleans! Upon arrival enjoy a complementary warm tea, or a beverage of choice and decompress in the tranquility room before or after your service. Thrive by immersing yourself in a calm rejuvenating environment, rich with warm earth tones and textures, sounds of nature, soothing aromatherapy, comfort, and more. Experience services of self-care that help you, rediscover the real YOU. The key to Thriving is a balanced self-care routine. Self-care should be consistent as you connect with the world, the community, and yourself.